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  • Your bike will undergo our multi-stage process to remove road dirt/salt, old wax or co-polymer coatings, in preparation for the application of ACF50.
  • High pressure spray equipment atomises ACF50 into a dense mist that penetrates deep into every area of your bike.
  • For the finishing touches, panels and paintwork are hand polished and waxed to make your bike look outstanding
  • The best treatment available to make your bike look great and help fight corrosion

JonsBikes are your local “All Year Biker” agents based in Buckinghamshire

All Year Biker is the UK’s only mobile ACF50 full treatment service – Currently Just ¬£70!

Our Halo Smart Protect system is designed to make your bike look the best it can while providing *aviation standard protection from corrosion for up to 12 months!

*ACF50 Anti-Corrosion Treatment as used on Military & Civilian aircraft

The Process

  • Pre Rinse
  • Full Degrease
  • Hi Foam TFT Shampoo
  • Warm air dry
  • Pre-Spray prep
  • High Pressure ACF50
  • Hand Polish & Wax
  • ACF50 Hand Finish

To book your “All Year Biker” anti-corrosion treatment click here¬†(it will take you straight to our booking page).

For more information please feel free to use the form below or call 0770 861 3356:

ACF50 Treatments

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