The Golden Age of Biking

When motorcycles were in their “heyday” every town had at least one specialist bike workshop, where highly able, multi-skilled enthusiasts could turn your ratbike into a gleaming treasure.

These days such businesses are hard to find, they tend to be tucked away in out-of-the-way places, to keep down overheads and they “share the love” mostly by word of mouth.

Most actually prefer it that way, as they attract people who have a real interest in their machines and a real desire to keep them in perfect working order. Our business is dedicated to those people, most of our trade is repeat, or word of mouth.

If you have a love of motorcycles, you will understand why they are more than just a form of transport. They are unequalled in their ability to create camaraderie and to generate shared passions. They feed on our adrenalin and to truly tame them , they demand a high level of skill from us.

With a twisty open road, the wind in your face they take us to a place undefinable by geography. But of course, you are visiting this site because you know that already!