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Jonsbikes is a specialist bike workshop between The Lee and Lee Common in Buckinghamshire.

With very low overheads Jons Bikes can supply a wide range of common motorcycle parts and accessories at highly competitive rates and will also source harder-to-find parts for you.

We specialise in preserving your bike’s condition from new and restoring your bike’s condition when time has eroded it with the ACF-50 revolutionary cleaning system.

Talk to us for restoration, repair, respraying or customising your machine too. Although we only take on a limited number of rebuilds and custom builds, if it is motorcycle related, we will always do our best to meet your needs.

To discuss your requirements call Jon on his personal mobile 0770 861 3356 or send an email using any form on this website.

Give your bike a spring clean...

Whether your bike has been dragged unhappily through the winter, collecting road salt and other crud, or been sat at the back of a dusty garage, it is time to blast away the muck and get ready for the better weather.

Conventional cleaning just will not get into all the areas where metal eating detritus gathers. Even if you do have a jet washer, you need the right chemicals to really get stuck in and ACF-50 is the way to go.

This anti-corrosion formula treatment was originally created for the aircraft industry with its stringent demands for quality. It cleans and protects your machine with a lasting lustre and helps protect your machine against corrosion.

Motorcycle preserving anti-corrosion formula treatment as seen in MCN for JUST £70!

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If you would like to visit the workshop, you can make an appointment with Jon.

Just fill in the enquiry form on the Contact Page.